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  • Chimneys Cleaned 
  • Stainless Steel & Copper Rain Caps 
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Installed 
  • Expert Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Rebuilding
  • Pre-Fab Chimneys & Fireplaces Installed
  • Brick Re-pointing 
  • Oil/Gas Shutoffs Corrected 
  • Water Leaks Stopped
  • Waterproofing of Chimneys, Stoops, Patios, Walkways, Decks, etc.
  • Dampers Repaired & Installed
  • Fireplace Smoke & Odor Problems Corrected
  • Troubleshooting Performance Problems 
  • Consulting Services
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Free Video Safety Inspections
  • NYS Licensed Animal Removal
  • Copper Flashing Installed
  • Poor Draft & Moisture Problems Corrected
  • Discounted Multi-Year Service Contracts Available (for cleaning of chimneys, dryer vents & gutters)
  • Fireplace Enclosures (Glass Doors)
  • Fire Prevention Devices Sold & Installed
  • Chim-Scan® (Internal Video Inspection System)
  • Dryer Vents Cleaned, Repaired & Installed 
  • Expert Witness Testimony (for people who have been wronged by another company)

Mission Statement

Our Complete Mission Statement

At Dieters Hagen, we have several objectives:

  • Provide the highest quality of service possible. 
  • Educate and advise our customers on how to properly maintain their chimneys in a safe and efficient manner. 
  • Prevent small, inexpensive problems from developing into large, costly and potentially hazardous conditions. 
  • Make “cheerleaders” out of our customers. 
  • And obviously, make some money! 

Now, let’s focus on the “making money” issue since this is one of the determining factors which customers use to decide on who to use… price. Obviously, making money is one of the main reasons we’re in business and why anybody else is in business, however, we feel a business has an ethical and moral obligation to its customers. 

This raises an important decision we had to make. Do we compete with the many chimney sweep companies on Long Island who charge, $29.95 & $39.95 per chimney cleaning, and are in and out of the customer’s home in ten minutes? These companies are in business for one reason and one reason only, to make “lots of money.” Unfortunately, they do nothing to educate the homeowner nor do they actually perform the cleanings most of the time. They often use this lowered price to “get their feet in the door.” Most, employ scare tactics on homeowners and try to “sell” high-priced jobs, whether they are necessary or not! This is their “game plan.” Now realize, whether the company is reputable or a “fly-by-night,” it is impossible to send one or two men in a work van…spend the proper amount of time necessary to inspect and clean the chimney…review with a customer…the condition of the chimney…pay wages, insurance, taxes, gas, overhead, and still make a profit capable of staying in business! So we asked ourselves, are we willing to “cut corners?” The answer was a “No-Brain-er!”  NO! Especially when we’re dealing with the safety of people’s lives and homes!

We decided long ago to set ourselves apart from other companies by setting the “standard” for running a company with a high ethical and moral conscious! We believe in setting our prices in accordance with the level of service we deliver!…The old time proven adage, ” you get what you pay for!” This is the reason “Dieters Hagen,” has stood the test of time!  

So, if you are looking for a discount company, DON’T CALL US!   On the other hand, if you are as intelligent as we think you are, you’re looking for a company who prides themselves on…honesty, telling you what ” you need to hear, not what you may want to hear!,” quality workmanship from years of experience, a level of concern for you and your family’s safety that is unequaled in today’s “lack of business ethics,” (and warranties that are at least, “worth the paper they are written on!”), least, “worth the paper they are written on!”), then Dieters Hagen is the chimney company you’ll use and recommend to your friends and families! After all, that’s where most of our business is generated from anyway!

If we leave a home and the customer is not satisfied, we’ve failed! Any money that may have been tendered from that customer would become virtually meaningless, due to the fact, they may never use us again nor might they recommend us to anyone else. Having a customer use us only once is not the way you remain in business! The most successful types of businesses are those that maintain a large amount of repeat business! This has always been, and will remain to be, the way we run our company! 

We hope by educating our customers through this web site, as well as many other types of media, you will understand and learn the value of “practicing safe chimney,” never employing the, “hard sell,” or the old, “bait & switch; “…you don’t need all that work chimney company “A” said…all you need is…matter of fact, they didn’t even clean your chimney when they where here, i.e., telling the customer what they want to hear!  Spend less money, and turn them against the other company.  A very effective  & convincing ploy…isn’t it?  DON’T BE FOOLED & BECOME A VICTIM, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! These two Selling strategies have become industry standards!   We will not neglect to inform you of necessary repairs that may be needed in order to “keep an estimate low enough so you, the customer, will sign-off”on a repair, “WE tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear!” 

We feel a homeowner should be told the entire condition of their chimney, and allow you to make your own decision on what you will or will not choose to do!  A testament to these affirmations can be found, in the kind words from our customers, in our Letters of Reference section. These responses, along with our beliefs, (as well as our ability to sleep soundly at night), are what we contribute to our success! 

In closing, Dieters Hagen is a company that wants to be your, “Sweep for Life!” Therefore, it is our goal, to make each of our customers, our “cheerleader!” 

Our Customer Commitment Pledge

Our Dieters Hagen Pledge 

When you call us to your home, you can expect a “courteous service person  who will thoroughly inspect your chimney and document it on video tape so you may see your chimneys’ condition.  Should your chimney require any repair work or should the service person recommend any preventative maintenance, it will be explained to you along with a written estimate that itemizes and details the work. Any work your chimney may require will only be done upon your written approval.  

NOTE: You are under no obligation to do anything we recommend!  Also, at such time as you authorize any repairs, you will be informed of your rights as a consumer, as required by law.  For a detailed explanation of these rights, see our page Rights as a Consumer. 

Our recommendations will be based on the applicable building, fire, gas and or oil codes, as well as common maintenance practices suggest.   

There will be NO ATTEMPT TO “SELL” OR PRESSURE YOU INTO DOING ANYTHING!  ALL of our servicemen are just that, servicemen…NOT SALESMEN.  There are NO COMMISSIONS involved.  If our serviceman makes a recommendation or leaves you an estimate, it is because the work is necessary to maintain your chimney in safe repair.  Our goal is to retain your patronage for life!  It would be nonsensical for us to jeopardize a lifetime of servicing you, not to mention, future recommendations, for a one time sale!  That is not the way we have maintained a loyal base of customers throughout the years.  

Further, we WILL NOT LEAVE OUT OR NEGLECT TO TELL YOU ITEMS WE DEEM NECESSARY in order to keep an estimate low, or make it more PALATABLE for you as other companies tend to do.  We give you ALL the facts and let YOU DECIDE which items you would like to have done!  It is your money, your home and your peace of mind!  Remember, we document it all on video – and a picture is worth a thousand words.

If we are there to perform a chimney cleaning, you can expect a clean and neat job!  We have drop cloths to protect carpeting or flooring, and a professional vacuum for dust/soot control.

If you would like to have your spouse or significant other, view the video inspection, a duplicate can be made and mailed to you for a nominal fee that covers the postage, tape, and handling!

Dieters Hagen ONLY uses THE HIGHEST QUALITY materials to insure your utmost safety.  The materials we use are made by longstanding and reputable manufacturers, who allow us to pass on to you, the best warranties in the business.  We believe in doing things right, the first time!  

Remember…“Quality never costs, it Pays!”  

In short, we are committed to being your chimney sweep for life by being up front and honest with you right from the start.  We will never mislead you!  Should you ever question anything we may have done or recommended, please allow us the courtesy and opportunity to respond.  We have learned, most problems can occur due to a lack of communication or a customer never making their dissatisfaction known, thereby, never allowing a potentially quick and easy solution.  Though we pride ourselves on being the best and as perfect as possible every day, and 99% of the times we are, however, we are still human.  And though our track record speaks for itself, we too, can have a bad day… occasionally!  So all we ask is, give us the benefit of the doubt, you will not be disappointed!



Dieters Hagen Chimney, LLC.

Your Rights as a Consumer

EVERY contractor is required by law, (NYS), to notify the homeowner of their rights as a consumer and issue them this notice, when a homeowner accepts a proposal or estimate for work to be done and issues the contractor a deposit for the job.  Also,  their proposal or estimate form must make reference to this form in very explicit language, and in standard type, (no “fine print”).  

It must state: 


When accepting a contractors proposal or estimate, the procedure is as follows: in the last line of the third paragraph, where it states, “…MIDNIGHT OF ___________.” the contractor writes in the date that is three business days from the date you accept the job.  Where it states, “…I have read and received this notice,” you must sign your name and directly across, date the notice.

Should it be a small job that requires little thought, or you can’t or do not want to wait for the three business days to pass, and you want the work done on the spot, you must waive your right to cancel by doing the following: Sign and date, just like mentioned above, and then you must write the following on the dotted line, “I wish to waive my right to cancel.” 

These rights are here to protect you; take advantage of them!   Also, this is a great way to test the integrity of a contractor…whether they let you know you DON”T have to do the job on the spot, and that you can change your mind and receive a complete refund of your deposit with NO further obligation!

Also worth noting: A contractor can be fined $1000.00 per occurrence for not complying with this notice and a revocation of their license to conduct residential business!

Letters of Reference | Testimonials Letters From our Customers Here are a few of the letters of reference and testimonials we have received from our customers.  We hope that when your work is done you will feel so inclined to write to us as well.  Perhaps your letter will end up here too.   Thanks to all our customers who took the time to write. 
Dear Sirs:

First I want to say thank you for the excellent work Mike did with my chimney. I felt very comfortable with Mike because he explained everything to me in detail and also showed me pictures of the stainless steel liner and how everything would look when the job was completed. They also checked my heating system completely when he finished and assured me everything was working properly. This certainly made me feel confident about the work he did.

I also want to say that I felt very trustworthy of Dieters Hagen Chimney Company while they were at my home. I certainly will highly recommend your company in the future and I am very pleased with the work that was done.
Thank you again from a very satisfied customer.

Barbara Herzog
Williston Park, NY
Dear Mike,

I just felt that I had to write to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the terrific job you and Mike did rebuilding our chimney last month. I am not the easiest person in the world to satisfy, to say the least: I expect people to do the same kind of job I always try to do—the best! Unfortunately, in this day and age, my expectations are rarely met; fortunately, Dieters Hagen is obviously a company with standards that equal my own. The way you carefully placed each brick in place—checking every one with a carpenter’s level, constantly adjusting each one until it was just perfect—bore evidence to the fact that you are, indeed, a craftsman who takes pride in his work; a man who realizes that his work is a reflection of himself, that it makes a statement about the kind of person he is.

Before you came to inspect my chimney six tradesmen, all of whom claimed to be “experts” who knew what they were doing, came to my house to analyze my chimney problem. Not one of them offered an explanation that fully answered my questions as to why our chimney was deteriorating in the strange way it was to my satisfaction. It was only after you came that the pieces to our “chimney puzzle” all fell into place. It was obvious from your initial inspection that you are experienced and are wisely willing to take the time to clearly explain all the options, procedures involved, and costs to your customers. The pile of literature you provided helped clarify why the new, more efficient, gas boiler I had installed three years ago eventually ruined my chimney. If the people who put in the boiler realized that it was not compatible with our old-style masonry chimney—and they should have—it would have been a relatively simple, far less expensive job to just reline the chimney. At any rate, your clear, honest approach pays off. It is why we chose your company to undertake the job.

As I got to know you better each day you came to work on the house, my faith and confidence in you only increased more and more: there was no rush to finish so as to be able to get to the next job as soon as possible; there was no mess left over for me to clean up after you and Mike each day, something I am sure everyone you deal with greatly appreciates! If I had a question you didn’t have the answer to, you made it your business to research it and get me an answer. My thanks must also be expressed to Cathy Fox for the kind and efficient way she handled my inquiries and messages to you. The conscientious efforts of such good “support” people in the office too often go unheralded. Hopefully such is not the case at Dieters Hagen as Ms. Fox obviously makes a significant contribution to the efficient day-to-day funning of the business.

Let me just close by thanking all of you at Dieters Hagen once again for a job well done. Do not hesitate to use me as a reference should the need arise.

Ronald R. Huetter
Kings Park, NY

Just a note of well deserved thanks, and a report of the words of two “critiques” – one before the job, one after – which you might find interesting. I did.

1. When my insurance adjuster saw your estimate for the storm damage repair portion of the work, his first comment was: “Dieters? I know their work. I’m glad you’re not using some fly-by-night chimney sweep company. They’ll do a good job.” He then wrote out a check, on the spot, which covered the full amount (less deductible) of your repair estimate. 2. My son-in-law, who is a European trained master craftsman and custom resort home builder up state, inspected the work you performed from chimney to basement and said you had done “first class brick and cement work from top to bottom” and that he, too, “uses only Z-FLEX.” It seems he learned about it in Switzerland where it’s equivalent has been in use in high efficiency heating systems for some time.

From my own observation, I learned from Mike, your foreman, that there’s more to chimneys than the average homeowner would believe possible. He takes pride in his work and he is a gentleman and pleasure to work with. AND, to top it off, I can report lower oil bills already, and all we’re doing is making hot water.

Thank you, again, for a job well done.

Seth D. Bartner
Great Neck, N.Y. 11021
As you are aware, we had a very bad experience with Best Chimney Co. of Farmingdale giving us an exorbitant estimate for unnecessary chimney repair work. Subsequently, we contacted your company.

We would just like to thank you, not only for the quality repair work that your men did for us, but mostly for operating your company in an honest fashion. We are very pleased with the work you did for us, and be assured that you will receive excellent recommendations from us.
Please keep up the good, honest work.

Yours truly,
Mrs. Carmela Schott
Attn: Mike

I just wanted to tell you in writing that in my experience in dealing with Dieters Hagen, I always felt I was in good hands. Appointments to do work were done on the phone and the work was done as scheduled and in a professional way. Where there was one “minor” problem that happened right after the “blizzard of 1996” I called and it was corrected within 24-36 hours at no charge.

I have recommended your firm to friends and will continue to do so.

Thanks again,

Joel Sarnoff
On December 1, 1995, we had work done on our chimney by Dieters Hagen. A new liner was installed plus smoke pipes, mortar collar, rain cap, carbon monoxide detector, etc.

When Dieters Hagen Chimney Company came to our home to inspect our chimney, they spent over an hour explaining the problem and what had to be done and why. They were courteous, professional and I might add, extremely likable.
We had two other companies come but we felt Dieters was the company we wanted to deal with and we are not sorry.

Quality is what we look for in home repairs and that is what we received from Dieters Hagen Chimney Company. They took great precautions to keep our home clean as they worked and our basement was cleaner when they had finished then before they started.

They are professionals in the truest sense of the word and they scored high points in our household.


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Koller
West Hempstead

Dear Sirs,

At the end of October 1994 you had your assistant (Mike) install a chimney in our home. While I have no way of knowing if a fuel savings took place this winter, I do know that everything you installed is performing as it should.

You were efficient, courteous, explained exactly what was to be done and kept your appointments on time.

I was so pleased, that your firm was recommended by me to other possible customers.

Thank you for your help.

Yours truly,
Mr. John Dugan
Lindenhurst, NY

I would like to personally thank you for the excellent work performed on my chimney. A thorough inspection was done, an exact estimate was given, helpful recommendations were provided, and the job was done when you said it would, on time, and in a neat and professional manner. The same people who inspected the chimney also did the work.

Having a very old chimney, that needed extensive repairs, I had called several other companies for estimates. I was left confused, because the recommendations conflicted so widely I didn’t know whom to believe. I was provided no information, and one company, after just an exterior visual inspection, told me to rip it down and build another chimney!

I would not hesitate to recommend Dieters Hagen to someone. They are truly a professional Chimney company.

Laura, the secretary at Dieters Hagen, also deserves a big thanks for being polite and courteous.

Thank you,

Kevin B. Walsh
Massapequa, NY
Dear Mike,

You asked how well our new “chimney installations” by you had turned out after the first winter’s experience. It has been excellent. Of course we had used Dieters Hagen for many years and had more faith then may be common to start with.

People who discuss jobs by Dieters Hagen should be aware of the scope in which you played an important part with your thinking and craftsmanship. Our tall chimney on a big 75 year-old house had a crumbling fire clay lining. Feeding into this in our cellar were the ducts from a gas fired large home heating boiler, a gas fired large heater for a swimming pool in an attached greenhouse, a water heater, and a gas fired domestic hot water heating tank, with an induced draft fan which augmented the draft up the chimney for the three sources, and a bunch of controls for the fan, pumps, and heaters. Originally the chimney was built large to handle a coal furnace (with an extra flue for the large fireplace in the living room). From coal our boiler fuel shifted to oil, and later to gas, before we put in the swimming pool with its heater for winter as well as summer use. Gas is a more efficient fuel and could best use a smaller chimney cross-section.

You pointed out that relining the chimney with a corrugated stainless steel duct down the chimney, surrounded by insulating packing, and then over to the house heating boiler and domestic supply tank with corrugated stainless ducts, could do a neat job in the most modern way. We called in several people: the applications Chief Engineer of the Slant-Fin boiler Company; my nephew, who is a HVAC professional engineer; a local plumber; and an electrician. Together you all eliminated the big pool water heater, and the induced draft fan, together with their related controls, substituting a small heat exchanger between the house heating boiler and the pool pump so that the pool became just like another room of the house which could run on a timer at night in the winter when the house heat was practically shut off. Altogether it’s quieter, neater, uses the best modern reliable technology, safer, and is controlled flexibly and precisely with minimum running time.

You didn’t do it all, but you did your part excellently with professionals in the related fields, and you started me, in a professional way, into doing the right job rather than the cheap competitive routine.


Franklin G. Bishop
Rockville Center, NY
RE: Letter of Recommendation

Dear Sirs:

We wish to thank you for the work that your company performed on our heating system this past spring. After many other “specialists” had looked at our chimney we found ourselves confronted with conflicting repair recommendations, a wide range of estimates, and most disturbing of all, a lack of confidence that the work was professionally evaluated and would be completed to our satisfaction.

Dieters Hagen personnel were quickly dispatched to our home and thoroughly examined our 50 year old chimney and heating system. Your supervisor, Mike, fully explained all of the work that needed to be done, and why the repairs were required. After explaining this to us, he provided his repair recommendations in writing, and then prepared a written quote to cover the cost of the repairs. Based upon his recommendations, and a quote that was fair and reasonable, we decided to go ahead with the work.

We were pleased to see that the same person who made the repair recommendations returned to actually perform the work. Your supervisor, and assistant were both prompt, courteous, and efficient. The repairs to our heating system were completed on time, and to our satisfaction. Based upon their professional attitude and quality workmanship, we would gladly recommend Dieters Hagen to other home owners with heating system problems.

Very truly yours,

Mr. & Mrs. John O’Connor
Syosset, N.Y.

Edna and I want to thank you personally for the honest inspection, and professional way you performed the work on our chimney. We were especially impressed by the video tape showing what the inside of the chimney looked like. This proves to us that there are still service companies on Long Island that refuse to take advantage of homeowners.

The quality of your work was outstanding, and completed on the day promised, and at reasonable cost compared to other estimates. Especially appreciated was the cleanup after the job was completed.

You will be my chimney cleaning company for life.

Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Simon
East Meadow, N.Y.

P.S. The plant you sent was a very pleasant surprise, thank you very much
Dear Friends at Dieters Hagen,

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. As you know I was a victim of a “Chimney Magician botch job” and at wits end when you name was recommended to me as a fair and honest chimney company. From the first moment I called and spoke to Laura, I knew I made the right choice as she was polite and courteous and answered my seemingly endless barrage of questions. Without any promise of a sale she offered to send your truck to my house to check out the problem and give a professional opinion on the damages. Enter Dieters Hagen Chimney Company who did exactly that. Never once did they try to “sell” me your services. They were honest and forthright and I felt relieved to know that they were actually concerned that I had been scammed by that “other chimney company”. Mike spent a great deal of time walking me through every step of the entire procedure, patiently answering my every question. When they returned a few weeks later to do the job, I was impressed with their expertise, professionalism and efficiency. Mike even helped me prepare my court case.
I am writing now to inform you that I have won my court case against them. The 4th District Court of Nassau County has awarded me the full amount for which I sued, plus interest and filing fees. Please inform your supervisor, Mike, and thank him for me. My success was due, in no small part, to him. After all, he videotaped all the violations, explained everything I needed to know, and even came to court as my expert witness. I can truly say that I couldn’t have done it without his help. You see, I found the judicial process to be a long and arduous one, and many times I felt like giving up. But thanks to the support I received from Mike, and others in your company, I never felt alone.If any of your customers want to hear a Chimney Magician horror story with a happy ending, feel free to give them my number, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company’s services.Thanks again for everything.


John Zaccari
Roslyn, N.Y.
Attn: Mike

Dear Mike,

How very appreciative my family is concerning all of your efforts, and concerning the timeliness of your installation of the carbon monoxide alarms in my home. Undaunted by preliminary findings by the fire department, you found a dangerous leak in our boiler, and stayed there until eventually Lilco fixed it. My family is ever grateful.


Maxyne Berman Lang

I would like to thank you for your excellent workmanship that was performed on my chimney. Your technicians were professional, courteous and trustworthy.

In a trade that many customers have so many complaints, your company sets the standard for superior service!
Indeed, a job well done!

Again Thanks,

Philip Fontanetta
East Northport, N.Y.

I wish to express my complete satisfaction for a job superbly performed by  Dieters Hagen Chimney Company on relining and capping my chimney last week.

Not only did these two “PROFESSIONALS” explain and walk me through every detail of the operation, they also gave me very sound advice on several questions I posed to them.

I felt completely relieved when the job was finished and felt assured that a possible dangerous condition has been fully corrected. The video Mike showed me left no doubt in my mind that my chimney lining was badly in need of replacement.

These two young men have restored my faith in mankind and I would and will gladly recommend Dieters Hagen to any other potential customers.


Jeanette McCauley
Massapequa Park, N.Y.
Dear Sir,

Both my wife and I would like to thank you and your company for the courteous service and wonderful job done on our chimney/fireplace. Mike took the time to explain every phase of the entire job process.

Not only was Mike very informative, but he also gave us advice on the use of our fireplace.

Both representatives were very professional and courteous, and extremely neat. At the end of a work day, they completely cleaned up the working area and left absolutely no mess. In addition, the price quoted for the job, which took three days to complete, was very fair.

I will strongly recommend your company to all of my friends and family.

Thank you.


Mr. & Mrs. Ed Torres
Greenlawn, N.Y.

“We would just like to thank you, not only for the quality repair work that your men did for us, but mostly for operating your company in an honest fashion. We are very pleased with the work you did for us and be assured that you will receive excellent recommendations from us. Please keep up the good, honest work.”


About Dieters Hagen Chimney Company

Our goal is to provide Nassau and Suffolk Counties with the best products, service and customer satisfaction in the maintenance, renovation and new construction industry.  By providing quality service with our own Customer Commitment Pledge to our neighbors on Long Island.   To remain true to Our Mission Statement for the safety and peace of mind of our customers and neighbors.   


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