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ChimneySaver Water Repellent

  • The Clear Solution to Water Damage
  • Protect Your Investment

There are approximately 40 million masonry chimneys in North America and the most common problem with these structures is water penetration. Water causes over 1 billion dollars in damage annually in the form of staining, loss of insulation value, freeze-thaw damage, deterioration, and ultimately structural failure.

Chimney Saver
Severe spalling and
deterioration caused
by water penetration.
Chimney SaverEfflorescence stains
caused by water 
penetration and leaching
salts are unsightly and
add to deterioration.
Chimney SaverWater penetration and
freeze/thaw damage
result in loss of insulation
value and lead to structural

All new and existing masonry chimneys are susceptible to water damage and, even if repaired, chimneys will continue to deteriorate if they are not protected. Chimney Saver®, which comes with a 10 year warranty, is the first water repellent specifically developed to protect chimneys from the severe weather conditions to which they are exposed.

ChimneySaver is a water repellent not a water sealer. The difference could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repairs because sealers can actually damage masonry. Unlike waterproofing sealers that remain on the surface and trap water vapors, chimney saver penetrates deep enough to protect masonry from destructive water penetration.

Water damage can be prevented.

Chimneys are highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, are susceptible to structural deterioration. It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs.

Superior Technology

ChimneySaver contains patented siloxanes small enough to penetrate most masonry pores up to ¼” or more. These special siloxanes form strong bonds with the silica in masonry and concrete. Because of this bonding process, one application of chimney saver provides up to ten times the water repellent protection of typical sealers. 

100% Breathable

Moisture from a variety of sources is always present in masonry and concrete. Sealers and silicone coatings form a water-resistant surface film which traps water vapors. If these vapors cannot escape, they will contribute to spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage. ChimneySaver is 100% vapor permeable – a non-film forming water repellent that penetrates and lines masonry pores. ChimneySaver offers the best protection because it releases water vapors and effectively reduces water absorption. 

Superior Value

The superior value and added benefits of protecting your masonry with ChimneySaver® are obvious when comparisons are made with popular retail brands of water sealers. Long-Term Protection ChimneySaver is an investment in long-term protection that will help prevent expensive reconstruction. No water repellent, however, is a substitute for good construction and workmanship.

The first step in preventing water damage is to make necessary repairs to structural cracks, damaged crowns, flashings, deteriorated bricks, and mortar joints. The second step is to protect porous masonry from further water penetration by applying ChimneySaver® water repellent. Protection is especially needed when a new chimney liner has been installed. If repairs and preventive measures are not taken, the old chimney will continue to deteriorate around the new liner.

Use on All Masonry Surfaces

Not just for chimneys, ChimneySaver® water repellent is the ideal choice for protecting all residential and commercial-grade masonry. ChimneySaver is the best solution for a variety of exterior masonry applications including patios, walkways, pool decks, and wall systems.

Lock-top Dampers

  • The Open & Shut Solution to Fireplace Problems
  • Save Energy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5a.jpg* Replaces throat dampers
* Energy Efficient – Seals in Air Conditioning and Furnace Heat
* Seals Out Mammals, Birds, and Insects
* Operates from Inside the Home
* Easy to Install
* Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel
* Adapts to Round Flues, Double and Tri-Wall Pipe
* Two-Year Warranty
Benefits of Lock-top Dampers

The Lock-Top adheres to the chimney top using silicone adhesive and is opened and closed using a stainless-steel cable.

Unlike a cap or wire screen, it totally seals the chimney top, elimination cold drafts and heat and air-conditioning loss. It also acts as an excellent means of pest control, preventing pests of all sizes from entering the chimney.

It’s a practical way to replace ineffective or inefficient throat dampers, and because it provides a stainless-steel rain-cap in the open position, it is superior to other roof-top dampers.


  • Exterior Masonry Cleaner / Restorer
  • The Solution for Concrete and Masonry Stains
Restore-It preserves your investment

Whether it’s a chimney, a sidewalk, or a patio, unsightly stains detract from the natural beauty of masonry. Harsh cleaning methods, including sandblasting, can damage the protective Outer layer of masonry. This leaves the surface more susceptible to deep water penetration, which is a major cause of damage to masonry materials. Restore-It was developed to protect your investment by safely restoring masonry to its original appearance.

Restore It!Before –
Rust stained chimney
Restore It!After –
Restore-it application

To prevent further staining of masonry, replace rusted flashing or chimney caps with aluminum, stainless steel, or Other non-ferrous materials and apply ChimneySaver® water repellent.

Remove unsightly stains on: 
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Clay tiles
  • Stucco
  • Natural stone and most masonry surface

Restore-It masonry cleaner removes rust, creosote, mold, mildew, and a variety of common stains from masonry surfaces. And it is more user friendly than comparable cleaners.

The photos below illustrates how Restore-It effectively removed rust stains from a natural stone chimney without damaging the stone or mortar joints.

Added Value with Warranty Protection

ChimneySaver® water repellents add years of warranted protection to your restoration work. Take advantage of these benefits to protect your masonry from water damage.

  • 10 year warranty
  • Con-glossy
  • 100% vapor permeable
  • Stain protection
  • Freeze-thaw protection
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